Thursday, June 9, 2011

Feeling Adequate

Hey Guys,

I had the privilege of speaking at a youth group this week and I spoke on what it means to feel and to be inadequate. What I basically talked about is this that in this age group (15-30) there are always going to be feelings of being inadequate in everything you do sometimes they will be more prevalent then others but the feelings none the less will be there. It is a difficult task that sadly a lot of us are going to face. The only advice I have on this situation is this, acknowledge your weakness and strengths and accept them. I recently went through a job interview were I have congratulated on being extremely in tune with what my weakness and my strengths have been. That is probably one of my greatest strengths is knowing where my weaknesses are because in that I know where things are going to be tough. Back to being adequate take the time out of your day to find your weakness, that way you will also find out where you feel inadequate and hopefully that will solve the problem!

Goodbye for now,
Christian Sawka

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