Tuesday, March 8, 2011


PORNOGRAPHY, this is something our culture suffers with. I am not just saying guys because I have known many girls to suffer with this too for a few different reasons. Pornography is something that our culture has taken an accepted and made as something normal.  I come from a Christian background who talks about how pornography is negative. I also do actually live in this world, especially a world that has no problem with pornography. Actually I think we are at the point where we almost encourage it and something is wrong if you do not look at it on a regular basis. Being a guy I think I am well equipped to talk about it. First off I am human and I have look at pornography, I think you will be hard fetched to find someone in today's culture who has not. In this blog I am just going to talk about a few misconceptions and just talk about struggles it has had on me.

Biggest misconception is this, pornography is something that GUYS AND GIRLS struggle with. I hope that is not a shock for anyone at this point in their life but it is true that it is something both genders struggle with. Whether it be for arousal reasons or for body image reasons girls struggle with addiction to pornography too. I do not claim to be an expert that understands the female mind (wish I did) but I do not. What I am talking about is based off personal experience and knowledge hence my blog :)

Something I noticed in my personal life is the more I look at pornography the more I idealize woman and have trouble getting to know them. This might sound weird or it might sound normal though, the more I started looking and idealizing these perfect woman the more difficulty I have/had looking at people as just another person. I do have good news right now which is that it is not a problem for me in my life right now but in the past it has been a bigger problem. In my own experience the time it was a biggest struggle for me was when I was bored and had nothing to do. It has seemed in my life the time I was looking at pornography the most was when I had nothing else to do with my time. It had become some what of a natural thing. Just like what ever NO BIG DEAL, I think that is something that has happened now is that it is no big deal anymore.

If you have not noticed by now I am not a huge fan or the looking or pornography. Unfortunately it is something I struggle with and have this weird feeling that this struggle I have will not just go away. I believe that looking at pornography is a negative thing, I do believe it alters our view of woman or men and will ultimately be negative upon a relationship. A idea I have about why pornography has become to prominent in our society is because of the glorification of sex outside marriage. It may just be a chicken and a egg discussion about what came first. Was it that pornography became normal or was it that the glorification of pre-martial sex came first? That is for another day though.

I do believe looking at pornography has a negative effect on your character, it would be really difficult for you to convince me of the 'benefits' of it! The hardest part though is this, it is not easy to just get rid of pornography from you're life. The temptation is everywhere, even today I have seen  about ten Ad's, stories or news articles regarding or including pornography. It is difficult to take it out of you're life. The only advice I can give is this get someone to keep you accountable to stay away but it is all a choice if you want to stay away. I know a fair amount of people that could honestly care less about watching or looking at pornography or not. It is all a choice we can make. My personal choice is to try and stay away, I am sure as heck not perfect and it is pretty difficult in today's day and age.

Goodbye for now,
Christian Sawka


  1. The only way I know strongholds of (any kind) are defeated in my life is keeping in HIs presence, walking in His Word and praying in the Spirit. All else pales and falls when you stand in that position. Keep the faith young man!

  2. Addiction to pornography is a spiritual stronghold and something that can only be broken through the blood of Jesus. It stimulates lust, and entertains thoughts that aren't honoring to God. Through persistently seeking God, reading the Word, worship & fasting, God can and will destroy any thing that the devil is using to keep you from His promises.
    God bless you!

  3. There is nothing wrong with watching pornography. Some people claim is corrupts the mind and leads to terrible acts such as rape, mistreatment of women, etc. I completely disagree. Correlation does not necessarily mean causation! If a person commits such acts, it is in their nature (or nurture) so be that kind of person. The average person watching pornography to fulfill their NATURAL desires is a completely sane act. If it really is nobody's business what people do behind closed doors, then assuming pornography is negative is very ignorant.

    Anonymous person above me is clearly out of touch with reality. Sure, you're entitled to your opinion.. but seriously, use some facts, not outrageous fascinations of "God".