Monday, May 30, 2011

Guest Blog: Pornography

Guest Blog: The Secret Life of Porn by Anonymous

I am going to talk about a specific road in life: Pornography.

Scared? Big word? Taboo? Or are you finding it a lot more commonplace than you would expect these days? When we were given life we were also given a longing for purpose. And we were also given life in the presence of love. We have the opportunity to be known. We have yearnings, longings and desires that instil in us a need for something greater. These are good. I believe these are placed there by a higher power that wants us to grow, to discover and learn. Now we go to the other side of the spectrum and bring up a few points about how Pornography is not fulfilling any part of our soul’s desires.

First of all let’s talk about how it affects your perspective as an individual. Pornography draws you into stereotyping women. Porn wants you to believe that women will act in the way that is portrayed – that your interaction with them does not have to be built on anything more than watching them through a screen. You go to pornography to fill a need. It’s like a fix. You get your fix and then you are done.

Does that sound like a human bond meant to be shared by two people? Not to me.

It sounds more like a disposable appliance. Objectivity. Your sexuality is meant to be more than that; trying to differentiate between your sexuality while watching porn is counter-productive.

Are you trying to foster healthy relationships with other people while at the same time objectifying them? That’s like eating Krispy kremes to get ready for a marathon.

I believe that there are dark forces at work behind the scenes. Things that draw us back in and lies that we hear from voices we never want to talk about. Some of the major holds that porn places in a person’s life are shame and guilt. Your actions make you feel sick. A feeling that you have to hide what you are doing from everyone else. Suddenly you feel cold and utterly alone. You return to the addiction because you may feel it is the only answer left. Can you see how twisted this road is yet?

Something that builds on the shame and guilt aspects of pornography is the silence it instils; there is an air about the situation that demands silence. If you are part of a faith and you find yourself in this situation, call on the name of God. See how it feels. If you do not have a particular faith, try calling out to a loved one.

Why do you hesitate? Do you feel like you’re still in control? Or are you the puppet?

These are observations that I have concluded about pornography. I have one more.

There. Is. HOPE.

Hope to defeat a life lived in secrecy and twisted secrets. Hope in the darkness. You are called to live a life in the light, not needing to hide anything. So this is a call to all the broken under porn: are you going to live a muted life suppressed by porn? Or are you going to get up? Because when you have nothing to hide, you can finally start feeling free.

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