Tuesday, February 1, 2011


The Month that was...

The month has now ended,
It seems like the whole thing was blended.
Now where do I stand?
Have I grown as a man?

It has had its ups,
It has had its downs.
It has been all around.
But is there anything I can crown?

I have set my goals,
Heck I have taken polls,
Yet where do I stand?
Have I grown yet as a man?

The month that has been,
The effects I have not seen.
Although I may never see,
And I am as happy, as I can be!

A new month starts!
Therefore I must depart!
Because where I want to stand,
I have to grown as a man.

This is not my best work and I am starting to realize that I am extremely rusty when it comes to poetry. I use to right all the time and enjoyed writing but some where along I got this idea of what a 'guy' was suppose to do. Sports, Video Games, Movies, Eating and Chopping down trees you know those manly things?  I am starting to realize that maybe those are not the most manly things in life and rather the manly things is actually being who you are and what you enjoy? I have no problem now admitting that I like writing Porty, love sappy love music and have a thing for chick flicks but does that make me less of a man? I know that if I would to have shared this in high school I would have been picked on a ton of times for the simple act of enjoying something different. These are some of the things that make me different then the average male these littlest characteristics I have such as writing poetry for fun is what makes me, me! 

We live in a society that preaches being unique being different then everyone else, but at the same time we try and force people into different molds, stereotypes if you may call them. I hate to use the example of Jersey Shore but something that was interesting is that one of the biggest insults to them is being called that your fake. Now the reason this is interesting is because I look at Christian's how many of us our 'fake'? Furthermore how many of us as human beings are fake? We say one thing, we act a certain way and then go around and be totally different. Whether it is to fit a mold, get a group of friends or get a girl we are still fake.Now I am not going to sit here and call everyone fake because not everyone is fake in who they are. But I think at some point we are all guilty of with holding aspects of ourselves to look better. I mean heck I did not tell people that I was depressed because I was worried they were going to think less of me! Too this day I still have this temptation to be fake to because overall it is easier in a lot of ways to be fake.                                                                                                                                                                              

So my challenge is this something that my mom once told me and my mentor tells me all the time "Do what makes you happy and be Pound that you are doing it". On a small area for me it has to deal with poetry because it makes me happy once and a while but i never shared it. But what is it for you? What is your aspects that you do not share, lie about or change the truth? As do you still do this or when did you do this? I would strongly suggest meeting people going through the same stage in life and get them to help you become comfortable in who you are!

Goodbye for now,
Christian Sawka


  1. Dude, you really need to work on your spelling. You spelled Poetry as "poerty", "porty" and correctly in the same blog.

  2. Ha makes sense, I think this is what happens when I write too late.

  3. I think this happens all the time, frankly.

  4. hypocrite much? maybe you should learn from your blogs and lead by example and not be "fake"

  5. I would love to hear what you have to say about my life and where I am being fake. 100% honesty I am open to any suggestion cause if you are reading my blog I am trying to fix my problems and yea leading by example is one of them. I am great at saying and promising things without backing them up so I would love to hear what you have to say. You can be as open and honest as you want. Post here, message me on facebook or call me at 604-970-0190 I am open to listening.

  6. Uh, since when is a lack of editing a sign of hypocrisy? When did Christian promise to spell every word correctly?

    And in response to this article I like what you say...but context is key. There are certain times when you should probably only let your best shine through. Like job interviews :P

  7. Great Post, that people need to be reminded of, all the time.
    I like how we are suppose to be "Pound" of ourseleves and not proud of what we do.

    -S. DeJong

  8. Thanks for the thoughts Christian!

    When it comes to poetry, who would you say are your favourites, or favourite influences?

  9. Thanks for the support Mrs. De Jong :)

    Umm influences I use to write a long time ago just because my teacher taught me and said it was a good way to express yourself. As time went on I would say that T.S. Elliot has been my favorite.