Saturday, April 16, 2011


Libero holds no opinion regarding whether homesexuality is right or wrong, what we do believe is that all people deserve to be loved by others and by themselves regardless of their beliefs or sexual orientation

Hey Guys,

This is something for some reason has been brought up on my blog in the comments and I wanted to just touch on this quickly. I am no expert in this subject, I do not pretend to know all the answers and this is just my opinion. My opinion is not one of judgement but one rather of love and acceptence. Homosexual or not we will all face struggles in life how come we get so fixated on this...? I and the Libero Network try and express love or hate and acceptence of judgement.

It should be night and day right? It should be right or wrong correct? Wrong. The deeper debate that comes up is this, is homosexuality and choice or something you are born with. I can guarantee that if you are reading this half of you said born with and half of you said a choice. So what is it? Realistically there is no actual 100% irrefutable proof either way. I know I am probably offending some people here but there is none that I know of.  By the way, yes I have friends that are 'homosexual', I have worked with people who are and frankly they are the same as every other human being. 

I do not have the answers, no one has the answers to everything. Hence why we form our own opinions on so many matters. What I have to say is this... Does it really matter? The bible mentions all the sins that will affect our entrance to heaven, why do we fixate on one more then all the others? Furthermore it was ruled by the Canadian government that it is none of their business what goes on behind close door. Why do we make such a big deal out of it. Ultimately every just wants to be accepted, some people fake being gay to be accepted, some people fake being straight to be accepted, it goes both ways. I believe we spend (and including me) way to much time debating if it is wrong and over look that the bottom of the line they are humans just like you and me. Do they not suffer with loneliness, depression, anorexia, stress, fitting in problems, being bullied, and the list goes on. Why do we get so caught up if it is wrong or not instead of trying to treat everyone equally. Ultimately I believe in a forgiving and merciful God who loves, why do we not do that same? The bible tells us not to judge, and above all to love one another so why do we not follow that? Even if you do not believe in the bible or God doesn't loving one another sound a lot better then going around and hating? 

Maybe I am wrong here, you not what I seem to be wrong a fair amount of the time but hear me out of this. Leave you opinion, keep it clean anything doing with judgement, vulgarity or pure attacking comments will be brought down.

Goodbye for now,
Christian Sawka


  1. Religion aside, whether it is nature or nurture (personally i believe homosexuality is something a person is born with), it is nobody else's business. Everyone is entitled to do what they want and believe what they want, despite anyone else's opinion.

  2. I was preparing to deFriend you, lol, but you explained things well. :) I'm glad to read your take on it.

  3. Ha, Thanks Zach, I am glad you have not deFriended me!

  4. homosexuality is a bigger deal because people are content to live with it. if one is "born" with it then it's nothing more than a biological predisposition. and we are all predisposed to some form of sin so we should treat this no differently.

    if i'm predisposed to lying or struggle with rudeness I don't say, "i'm a rude christian". but people do say, "i'm a homosexual christian".

    the issue is they embrace their sin as an acceptable part of their identity. and yet it is no different from any other sin. our struggle with this sin in particular is no different from the rest.

  5. also, can we not love someone enough to encourage them to change? true love isn't acceptance of a person, it's holding their best interest at heart.

    often who they are currently is not in their best interest and they rely on us to recognize those things they cannot see.

  6. Christian, I think your post was very good. I would have to say, from my experience as a gay person, the number one reason homosexuality is still an issue, among many, many other reasons, is that most straight Christians have practically no conception whatsoever of what it means to be gay, believing myths instead of facts. Almost every time I read an anti-gay argument, I can identify at least one premise about gay people the argument is based on that is just flat out false. Christians have a lot of zeal on this topic, but very little understanding. That's a dangerous combination. Christians are also notorious for telling gay people what they are like. Do they ever stop to ask them what they are like and listen to them share their lives? Do they ever walk with them and experience their world? I believe if they did, they would be shocked by how much the two groups have in common.

  7. The Bird is the Word?

  8. And yet you are still openly gay and a Christian...

  9. Accepting that you're gay would be like a murder who says, "I'm a murdering Christian" Christ calls us to repentance.