Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Battle of the Soul

Yesterday I was reminded and was taught something by a friend who was younger than me. I admired his courage and strength to open up about struggles. As if that reminder was not enough, another friend of mine who was younger as well came to me and shared his struggles with courage. I sat there for a while and it made me think, do I share? Do I have the courage to share? Do I even have the humility to admit that I am not perfect? 

I admired these guys courage for they are more courageous then I feel I have ever been.

I cannot help be remind that there is a constant battle for our souls.  A constant battle between what is good and what is bad and the choices we make. Even if you are reading this and you are a not a Christian, you have to admit that there are always choices to make between good and evil. A term coined to describe this is the “battle of the flesh”. It is this idea that we struggle with between knowing what we should do and doing what we should. Especially for Christians, where we are called to live as such strong examples for Christ and yet, we constantly feel like we are setting a bad example. We know what we ought to do but how often do we truly do what we ought?

To you guys who shared your struggles, who were able to be courageous I commend you for showing me that there is hope. And for those who are struggling I encourage you to share with people close to you. Overcome this battle of the flesh.

Goodbye for now,

God, today I ask for strength, boldness and courage. In the days I feel the weakest I need these the most because it becomes so easy to become timid, to hide and to hold onto my struggles. Lord I struggle when trying to show an example of who you are, Lord oh how I struggle. I prayer for my battle against the flesh, because there is nothing that compares to your great love and care oh Lord. Your thoughts outnumber the grains of sand amongst the sea and I know you are watching over, guiding and blessing my path. I thank You. Amen.

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