Thursday, October 27, 2011


What does it mean to be a man (woman) of disciple? This is a term we use almost regularly to be disciplined. Currently I am doing an internship at my church and I am in charge of ‘prayer administration’ a big title it would so seem. I am a man of ambition and discipline sometimes gets lost. I will be a man of vision but the day to day work almost seems like impossibility.

As this is the most impactful thing to me right now what does it mean to have a disciplined and yep real prayer life? I am not all for spending the exact same moment every day in prayer, but nor am I fully on board for the pray whenever. Both have their negatives and positives.

 I am not going to try and tell you I know the answer, but somewhere along we lost both of these. I’ve lost both of these. I grew in a family where you would pray before every meal, before bed. Well as you grow older that is just no longer cool so I left out that and told myself well ill just pray to myself. Who am I lying my prayer life and my disciplined life is floundering at best.

I met with a great woman today who left me with some resources about prayer, disciplined life and how to develop that in people. After going through one resource I am left with this one impactful statement, “Prayer level will never raise higher than the leader”. I believe this quote can be used for so much not just prayer life but any form of leadership. People you are leading can only grow as much as the leader.

Therefore, if I want to lead this prayer ministry properly, if I want to see my ministry grow I must first disciple myself before God and grow my prayer life. How else can one do anything except through God?

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