Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Hey Guys,

Having another tough night sleeping even though I have had almost a 16 hours day and probably a 17 hour day when this blog goes up. The thing I wanted to talk about today was this idea of things we take for granted. I had a conversation with a friend today who is visiting her family in Alberta and I asked her a question, which was how is it to be away from your parents? She respond saying it was tough, that she would at time miss them but that she also believe that if you live close to them you take parents and loved ones for granted. This statement got me thinking for the rest of the day and through my soccer game (because it was a blow out for us), it made me think what do I take for granted?

I live in a home with two loving parents, I have a car, I have my own computer and the list goes on of all the things I am absolutely blessed to have. So why do I take this things for granted? I have been trying to figure this out all night as to what causes me to take these amazing things I have for granted. First off I am an average to poor son at best because I forget holidays, birthdays and forget about what matters to my parents. I take for granted what has been given to me because I do not take care of it like I should or respect the items like I should. But it still does not answer my question? why do I take things for granted and how can I change this?

So the conclusion I have come to thus far as to why I and our society take things for granted. The ending I came to was this, we have started to expect these as normal. We have come to expect that we will be loved by our parents, that we will get what we want and forget that in fact, we have be blessed! I am not going to disagree some peoples lives are alot harder of mine but mine is really not horrible and yet I take that for granted everyday. I guess this is the lesson I am learning is never take your life, or the blessing you have for granted. Live tomorrow being thankful for everything given to you!

Goodbye for now,
Christian Sawka

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