Friday, June 29, 2012


Hey Guys,

Something that has been plaguing my life lately is this idea of bitterness. Both generically in the idea of bitterness and the reality of being bitter towards people.

It has been a blessing and a curse that I have a decent memory. One great thing is that it helps me remembers useless facts and details about people. However the more negative side of it is that I always seem to remember when someone wronged me. Which proves negative for relationships, friendships and any human interaction.

Seemingly lately I have begun to realize that as little as I would like to admit it I am holding on to bitterness. The stupid thing about this  is that it does nothing for you. It does not even effect the person you are upset with. All it does is negatively affect you or in this case me.

I have been trying to spend this last week (weeks) to rid myself of the bitterness that has been dwelling within my life. In many ways to cleanse myself of this junk in my life. What I am finding is that although there is bitterness towards other people there is also bitterness towards myself. It is one of these vicious cycles in my life where I am upset with people, hurt and frustrated. Then in return I am angered with myself for not allowing these things to be let go.

As I am realizing I hold onto issues whether it has been frustration with my parents, or friends that have let me down, to not getting a job to anything along those lines I like to hold onto bitterness and pain.  

If there is anything I have been learning this last week it boils down to this point, let it go and lay it down. It is not healthy to hold on to these things, regardless the depths of how someone has hurt you, frustrated you, or anything holding onto bitterness does nothing except limit you.

Much Love,
Christian Sawka

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