Tuesday, June 26, 2012

To Be Bold and Daring


It is now 1am in the morning (or night) and I am profoundly overcome with the concept of what it means to be bold and daring.

What does it truly mean to be bold and daring?

Being Bold is described as “Showing an ability to take risks; confident and courageous.” to be daring is to be “venturesomely bold in action or thought”. Hence I sit here wondering am I either of these?

The reason I ask myself these questions is this, I've been a Christian the entirety of my life. Since before I can remember I have been, since before I knew what a Christian was I have followed God. Yet I would never define myself as a 'Bold' Christian, or a 'Daring' Christian let alone even remotely courageous.

I am terrified to share with people that I am a Christian (more than my name), fearful to share in case I offend them, upset them. It gets worse, I fear most of all what people will think of me if they found out 'my secret'. But at some point or another we have to make a choice, am I going to stand boldly or stand at all?

So here I sit, 1am in the morning making a choice to live boldly, not in fear!

What does that look like is a difficult question, what does that make life look like even more difficult, and what is the cost going to be. All tough questions. Life is a journey that for once I plan to live in courageously.

Christian Sawka

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  1. Just read your post after doing a search for how to be bold as a Christian. I, too, am constantly struggling for fear of alienating people. Because even atheists can be kind and sensitive, I am trying to let my Christianity "leak" out in slightly obvious ways, but it is hard not to look wishy-washy! I will say a prayer for you!