Friday, February 4, 2011

Keeping your Head High

Hey Guys,

So this election is starting to take a toll on me. Simply because stuff has started to happen already, posters ripped down, personal insults and such. But the thing is I am trying to keep my head high and away from letting these things phase me. This does not mean arrogance pretending like I am the greatest thing ever, it also means not being a jerk or just saying that everyone knows nothing. It is a matter of keeping my head high but what does that mean? I am trying to learn what it means because often in my life I have either faked being alright and put on a Mask or just said everyone is an idiot and that I know better. Hey guess what both of those happen to be the wrong way to deal with it.

Yes I know I am critical on myself but I am alright with that I have worked through a fair amount of my issues enough to be able to be critical. The part that still gets me is when people make very quick judgments and start attacking my 'personal' problems. The reason I say they are 'personal' is because the most of them are written on my blog. But it still always gets to me when people make quick quick judgments. These last few days have been interesting because there are been a few comments made in passing, or directly too me that I should not run and in some cases even be at TWU. You know what I say though...? I am just glad people are passionate about something, I am sometimes worried that this campus is apathetic about everything. That they do not just care. Well there is always a silver lining I am happy although the comments are not the greatest, but at least people are passionate about me not becoming president. 

During my depression the amount comments affect me were at an all time high. The simplest things would bring me down, as simple as commenting about an assignment, or how I was looking. It was amplified by a ten fold sadly. Well not that this depression thing is winding down I am starting to not be phased or negatively affected by comments anymore. Instead I am actively trying to find the silver lining in all situation, to take the nugget of truth from every statement and to let the rest be given to God. Things have been way better this way, less stressful, very few gets me down and that is a praise in itself. So I guess that is my encouragement to you guys today, yes take the nuggets of truth from statements but give the rest to God which is probably the one of the hardest things.  Give it a shot though because man those down days can be amplified ten fold if you let comments get to you, trust me I know :)

Goodbye for now,
Christian Sawka

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