Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

Hey Guys,

So today is Valentine's day probably my least favorite holiday and I was just reflecting on what Valentine's day has been like for me. Today is the first time in about four years that I have been single. Today I am just going to share those stories with a little story about today on it. First off this is the disclaimer, my intentions are usually great but my follow through yea you will see.

First Valentines Date
Is grade 12 my first official girlfriend, yea we were even facebook official. So let's see being the type of guy I was and how much I liked my first ever real girlfriend (let's call her Valicity) I prepared this whole night. I was going to pick her up, I wrote her a song, I was going to cook dinner, and I had made desert. Oh man was I amazing alright :) So things started off a little poorly, I could notfind the house I was suppose to pick her up at. That's alright running a few minutes late... well then we get back do not worry I have dinner almost all ready just have to BBQ the chicken. Well I go to turn the BBQ on and guess what no propane! That's alright one slip up no big deal well do not worry switch the propane no big deal. Finally get dinner going and go to serve it guess what Christian did. Yep under cooked chicken! You figure I could get it right atleast. Turns out everything was under cooked. But do not worry right? I will have desert so that is all fine! as I go to pull out desert I quickly realize one thing, I left the desert in the freezer and froze it all oh yea everything was froze to the plate. Perfect night going on so far eh? But do not worry I still have the song, well turns out under pressure I forget lyrics, chords and everything. Perfect night I think not BUT WAIT! it gets better her Dad calls me half-way through the night to ask me if we are alone or if my parents were home (turns out they had left). I was super embarrassed and told him they just left and he said to have her home in an hour. SO score one for me first valentines date!

Also because I know this will be hilarious for someone or people I am going to include as much of the song as I can remember.

Every time I look into you're eyes
All I see is my surprise
That someone just like you
Would go for someone just like me

Girl I miss you, I want you, I like you...
Girl I miss you, I want you, I like you...
Girl I miss you, I want you, I like you... 
Girl I miss you, I want you, I love you...

I cannot remember the rest but go on and laugh at it... it seriously makes me laugh every time it comes in my head!

SECOND Valentines Date!
I am now I am in my first year at university. I am matured, educated and have learned from my mistakes. I am learning how to be a boyfriend and how to be responsible. That was all a lie, I forgot about valentines day until the day of when Matt remind me that we should go into town and get something for our girlfriends (as they were room-mates) So I thought... OH CRAP WHAT DO I GET EMILY (that's not actually her name) so we drove to the store and I bought all these candy hearts and roses. What a recovery right? Then I broke into her room and spread them all out around the room got her to come back to her room. Oh yea :) Well guess what is next dinner right? Remember how I told you I forgot about Valentine's day? Well guess what we did! We went to the cafeteria!  That is right I forgot to make and reservations or even do something original we went to the cafeteria. Ready for the best part she bought dinner because I had no money on my food card. Yep well atleast this one I managed to get one thing right that I remember to atleast get chocolate.

THIRD Valentines Date (kinda)!
So this one I did not actually have a girlfriend but I was very interested in this girl named Cathrine (not really her name). So valentines day was normal for me I cannot actually remember what I did but when I got back to campus I saw Cathrine and she was upset so I figured I would be the 'knight in shining armor'. Well me being the idiot I am I did not realize how much of a bad day she was having so I asked her out. YES, instead of actually listening to her I just asked her out. Guess how that went? Well needless to say I was still single on February 15th.

So those are my Valentines Day stories... I hope they were some what entertaining know that I have not a great track record on this day so maybe it is a great thing that I am single right? I had a great talk with a friend a few nights ago who just gave me a reality check about the importance of being single. She is happily single for a while and she just put these thoughts in my head like we have to be someone we would want our wife to be attracted to. Deep stuff and I looked at myself and though shoot... I am not there yet still things to work on :)

I hope your Valentine's experience has been better then mine and will continue to be!

Goodbye for now,
Christian Sawka


  1. Thanks Christian!
    I've always been annoyed with other love lyrics and poems. Are you going to write another poem for us any time soon? Maybe about these experiences?

  2. Only if you promise to laugh through it :)

  3. Christian,
    Your post did make me laugh and smile, and even reminded me of my oh so great valentines as well. I think it is almost manitory that people have terrible valentines dates. I'm not a far of the holiday too, so that does'nt make it any easier.
    But your friend is a profound one, I truly believe that everyone needs to have some single time in there lives. SPeaking from expereince, sometime it sucks, but thats a given. But when singleness is completely embrase it, its awesome. When I was single at TWU, at first it was a woah, it me, why am I still single, and then I didn't focus on being with someone and had the time of my life. When I was finely asked out I almost said "No" becasue I was still enjoying the singlehood. In the end it was a good thing I said "Yes" as he became my husband and we have a sqirming little girl.
    Your friend is right, enjoy being single and finding out who you are and who you want to me.

    S. DeJong.