Sunday, February 13, 2011

Breaking Point

Hey Guys,

Today I am going to just be talking about breaking points. At what point do you snap? Whether it be anger, emotion or depression and what point do you snap? In my life I am starting to find my breaking points. They are an interesting thing at which point will you finally say I have had enough. We are all going to face it once and a while when we have finally said we have had enough. I have had to face this a fair amount lately. When dealing with amount of commitments, when how much I was going to take anymore or just with the amount of stress I put in my life. When reading this blog think about your own life when is you're breaking point or are you at your breaking point

So the first breaking point I have started to realize is my anger. There is one thing that I will snap at no matter what is going on is when I do not believe that someone can defend themselves. I am an extremely defensive person it comes out in almost every aspect of my life. I have started to notice this in soccer and lacrosse, if you ever want to see my snap go after my goaltender I will show you what happens :) Also whenever I think someone has been hurt by someone I will be angry and want to do something towards them. That is the role of most friends though right? Your suppose to be the last one to forgive a person who has hurt your dear friend.  But that is not that point, I use to have to deal with some anger issues when I was hungry would have a breaking point at anytime regardless of situation but the older I get the more I can within stand and that breaking point is pushed back. Yes, there are other factors that lead to a breaking point but I know what will cause me to snap quickly is when I feel someone else is in danger. Even when I think I am in danger I calm and away from anger which is kinda interesting.

The other area is emotional, when do you feel like you cannot take anymore? This can be a variety of things whether it just be the amount of secrets your keeping, the amount your friends are telling you their problems or just feeling like you have the be there for everyone. This can push your emotional level over the top. Well when do you break? This is probably the hardest thing I still deal with is when enough is enough? There are some tough questions that come along with this one; when do you tell a friend you can no longer be friends? When do you have to accept you cannot be there for everyone? When do you have to tell someone no? These are things I am trying to work through and understand. In my case when I first came to TWU I was able to be every ones 'friend', was able to be there for everyone, was able to listen to everyone! But that is not that case anymore I am starting to realize that I cannot be there for people. I hit my breaking point a few weeks ago when I realized that my grades were slipping, my healthy was slipping and my overall stress level was getting higher because of it. But this is something I will always have to learn is what is my breaking point and how to stay away from that.

Last is stress level, when do you actually say enough! and stop some commitments. When do you finally have enough and say that's it I cannot do it? As a student it sometimes seem we do it way to often that we just quit or give up on an assignment, a relationship or commitments. I have been guilty of this too and still have to work on this and will have to. Last week was probably one of my most stressful weeks between finals from last semester, assignments, and midterms adding in elections made it stressful. Yet I never even hit my breaking point I came close but then after elections were over I let it ALL go. A few years back I would have snapped but this time I said you know what I can do this, my 'breaking point' has been pushed back when I have started to learn how to accept what is going on and not get stressed. But that doesn't mean that I will not hit it again. What is your breaking point? what causes you to snap? Well I am starting to realize my breaking point is when I feel helpless that I cannot control whats around me anymore.

The reason why I talked about breaking points this week is in a few aspects in my life I am starting to hit my breaking points. I am starting to evaluate what is important, whether this stress or emotional tax is worth the help I am doing. That is my struggle right now is trying to not hit that breaking point where I finally say ENOUGH that is ENOUGH I cannot take it anymore. Because when you get to that point where you break some has to change right? My piece of information for this week is try and learn where your breaking points are and stay away from them. If you hit a breaking point something bad and good will happen. Good will be a change in you're life that will eventually help you. Bad is someone is going to get hurt along that way whether it be a friend, someone you have a commitment with or just someone close by. So anyone who is reading this whether your going through reading break, making decisions or just having a tough time be careful of your breaking point.

Goodbye for now,
Christian Sawka


  1. "Me? I'm a man of faith. Do you really think all this is an accident?"