Sunday, February 27, 2011

California Trip End Days

Hey Guys,

So the reason there has not been many updates about the last few days is this, we have not been around Internet long enough to write something up and also we decided to come back a little bit early. We had to church this morning! I have not updated everyone in a while and I would encourage anyone who has been reading these blogs and knows anyone who went in person to talk to us. There is SO much more that went on in each peoples personal life.

So we ended up staying at my Aunts house for both Thursday and Friday night, and I have to say it was great to connect with some family. One thing about my family is that we do not know my mom's side that well. The 'Grober' family is huge and has some amazing people in it as we are finding out :) She brought us into her home Thursday night and gave us food, encouraged us and gave us some young kids to play with. That night we ended up going to the San Diego Seaport after it was closed and just walked around. At this point in our 'trip' it was told prophesied over us that San Diego would be a time of rest and that is what is was. We walked around Thursday night, relaxed and were just near the ocean and something is always relaxing about the ocean. When we finally got back we were exhausted and decided that it was time for rest.

Now instead of doing the logical thing which is sleeping for a while, we did the much cooler thing which we volunteering and Invisible Children. Invisible Children is a non-profit organization that is trying to help, support and stop children soldiers. They are a pretty sweet company and we helped them get prepared for 25. What 25 is, is a day where you stay silent for 25 hours to honor and fight for the children who do not have a voice. So we spent the entire morning getting packets reading, packaging materials and overall trying to help out as much as we can!  As much as it was hard work it was relaxing because we knew we were helping out. It was nice to do something practical to help the kingdom of God. For most of this week we were being given gifts, blessing and anointing and it was nice to give back.

After this it was time for me to connect with my aunt. She took me to which is now my favorite place called the Soup-plantation. For anyone who knows me well it was the first time I have eaten salad willingly in my life. It was actually pretty good :) My and my aunt talked about the trip and gave me ALOT to think about. I told her about the question that have been placed on my heart and also about the awaking that has been talk about. The number one thing that has been talked about over this trip has been an awaking. This is something I am still trying to figure out and will most likely write about it and just talk about this idea of an awaking tomorrow or the next day.

This mark the end of our trip in alot of ways, the rest of the night we relax, watched some films ate some great food and prepared for our epic journey back! It was epic! Anyone who knows us is that this trip knows that we did now have many plans or places to stay. Well we had a place to stay Saturday night so we could come back for Sunday. BUT guess what? We decided we were going to drive right through the night!

We left Le Mesa, California at 8am Saturday morning and arrive back at TWU at 8am Sunday morning. Yes that is a true fact we drove virtually straight from San Diego all the way to Home. The ride home was extremely interesting, we left Cali just as there was a storm the night before and as we were driving the sky was blue and the hills surrounding us were covered in snow :) It was a beautiful sight and that basically summed up the trip for me. Was just admiring all God had done, and how great the whole trip was. I just want to thank everyone who has followed us on this trip and has prayed for us. I would ask that if you want to know more about everything that went on talk to any of us in person we would love to share about what went on.

Goodbye for now,
Christian Sawka

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