Wednesday, February 23, 2011

California Trip Day 4

 Hey Guys,

So we woke up this morning in LA which was great! We woke up to a breakfast from Pablo's mom, it was great to wake up and have food we have been so bless over these few days having a place to stay. She was an amazing blessing upon us. You have no idea how amazing it is to have a house opened up for you. At the beginning we were having such troubles trying to get places to stay and now so many doors have been opened. When someone offers up their house to have you stay there means they are willing to sacrifice and help you out!

One of the thing that happened over the night for me personally was a dream. I am not a dreamer to begin with so having two vivid dreams was interesting for me. So I am going to share those now:

Dream 1:
I had a dream that I was watching from a distance a girl and a guy discussing the trip. Insult and saying that those things could never happen. Making fun of being drunk in the spirit and the gift received. I saw this from a distance until my body rejoined from the spiritual to the physical. I lashed out in hostility attacking her character and attacking her walk with Christ. I told her that she was one to talk that she above all would not know a living God. They were at two chairs next to a fire and my body was at the door way. The man was older and a close friend I cannot tell. As she walked away, she was angry. I was not upset but triumphant over the questioning and doubt. But don't know if that is the right feeling. We are trying to figure out what this dream meant.

Dream 2:

I had a second dream where I was talking to the girl I liked and we were going to hang out and talk. When she came over it was not her but another girl tempting me and wanting to be physical. I resisted and threw her away and then jumped on my bad as I threw her away again. She tempted me again to give into physical activity again like I had done in my past. I continued to fight off literally fight off. It was a continuous attack all day until I finally got rid of her.

This is one dream we have figured out more then others. This is something I have struggled with and will continue to struggle with and I will have to wrestle with temptation. These were the dreams I had last night and together as a team we are trying to figure out what they could have meant and what they mean. Also this day began with just a celebration of God's creation, this picture was us driving down the mountains towards LA. I am sorry for everyone in Langley but look how beautiful it is. I know people bash on LA for the smog but up above it is a beautiful valley!

 So the first place we stopped for the day was Hollywood. We took a pictures of a bunch of stars and I just decided to put up Johnny Cash's. But Hollywood was great, it was weird to walk the streets with the names of 'Famous' people because sadly I do not hold them in a revered status. The Audio Adrenaline song came to my mind, never going to be as big as Jesus. Something I have seen especially this week is that God is bigger then anyone can ever be even close to how BIG JESUS is. It is an encouragement and anyone who is not a Christian reading that I know that is weird to hear. But when I look out into the land I do not believe for a second how a big bang or evolution could create this only a great creator could

 Sooooooooo I am sorry to anyone who did no get to see God's creation like we did today. This is Venice beach and we walked around it today. We saw two sides of Venice beach during the day we saw the side during the day and the side at night. This post I am going to be talking about just what it was like to walk down a beach because sometimes I think we forget what it is like to walk on a beach. I am not talking in a physical sense but in a sense of spiritual and restoration. Taking time out of our day, our week and our lives to just walk and enjoy what has been given to us. I think by now most of us have heard the poem of Footprints where we see two set of footprints etc... but walking on the beach there I turn on some David Crowder and really felt like I was walking besides God which was crazy. But then again I just need some relaxation I think I got the most relaxation out of anyone today.

 So this was sunset for us probably one of the most beautiful things that I have ever seen and it was weird being at Venice at the time. Venice beach is not a beautiful place minus the creation that God has given. While walking down the boardwalk of Venice beach it was an interesting place we got offered weed about 8 times, alot of interesting types of people and just a completely different culture then I am use to. But that is not to say they are not loved by God anymore then I am. And this is how we ended our day was with a sunset.

Something that has been talked about alot of this trip by the people that was have stayed with and listened too was this speaking of revival. Now this is a great but this has been preached about for a long time. This has been something placed on our hearts on this trip is a bigger understanding of what a revival is and looks like. We still have no idea what the looks like or should take place. What we would like to ask for is just prayer for everything!

The last thing I want to talk about is something that is going to be directly at the LEFC and the staff. Something that has come up on this trip alot was this idea of Freedom, Networking and Reproducing. Further more the feeding of five thousand. This was mentioned by Darren on Thursday night and we took it to heart being apart of the cluster group. So the first reference was made by Forest when talking about expansion and this was the most vague reference but it was the first. The next was what the blessing giving to us in Seattle where he talked about starting about a little bit more about bring things back to Langely. After that was Bob Jones who started to talking exactly about the older vision on LEFC. He talked directly of Freedom, Networking and that is going to start the revival of the next generation. This was pretty freaky to hear because of the similarity between the two messages. After that we were given prophetic word from Chris who started to talk about feed the five thousand and now that is a reference to something shared by Darren. After that he also talked to us bringing back the gifts we have learned and to bring them back to Langley. Next was Daniel who spoke over us and shared of a rainbow over a cloud (the same cloud idea that Forest made reference too) and that we were going to need to bring our gifts back to the border no just to the physical borders but the borders of spiritual borders past Langley. There has been a few more that have gone on. But I think that is as much as we have confirmed and go over together so far together. Tell us what you guys think.

Goodbye for now,
Christian Sawka

P.S. Continue to pray for us and have us in your thoughts.

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  1. Dude, I've been following your posts while you've been in California. Inspiring stuff and I'm glad you've been sharing it with us. Keep pressing into the kingdom. I probably don't have to say this but pray into those dreams and ask God to show you what they mean whether it be today, tomorrow or a year from now. You may even have the same one again and be able to see it in new light. Test everything you spiritually see, hear, taste, smell or touch: by doing so you will keep your sensitivity sharp for what the Lord is doing.

    Venice beach is a sweet place. Some of my fondest memories come from that beach.

    I'll be praying for you guys (and girls) while you are all down there. I'm excited to hear more stories of your travels.