Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Comfort Zone

Hey guys,

So today in bible study an interesting idea was brought up that I have heard about and talked about many times before. This idea of a comfort zone. A comfort zone is staying within an certain area in your life that you are content with, that you are comfortable with. It really hit home this time to me along with other aspects. But this is what I am going to talk about times in my life I was in my comfort zone and times in my life I was out of my comfort zone.

This Blog
So the first time I posted anything on this blog was totally out of my comfort zone, as many of you know I think I have talked about it before but my first blog I was terrified. I was actually super scared the first time I put up a post because I did not know what was going to happen. But that was not enough I was still comfortable so I took the next step and posted it on my facebook. Now at this point I was scared to hell, I didnt even check my facebook or my blog because I was so freaked out of what people were going to say. As time goes on now this blog is becoming more and more comfortable to be especially considering the fact that I most have my 'friends' or family reading this and it is not longer out of my comfort zone. So I guess that is my debate what is next? where do I step out of my comfort zone next?

Post on Suicide
This was the next time I really had to step out of my comfort zone this was something I did not know if I was ever going to post. Simple because this was something that I had not come to terms with everything yet. I was still in the process of understanding this situation and had only shared it with one or two people. Then after a night at Sunday night alive at trinity I felt as though I should post this. Now the big things is this, my parents did not know, some of my closest friends did not know and my sister did not know. I had planned on telling them and then all of the sudden I posted this on facebook/blog. It was a big step. The night I do not think I left my room, the next day I was scared to walk around because I had no idea WHO had read this. This was probably the biggest step out of my comfort zone I had ever had. There was no comfort zone. Think about this for a second... think about your biggest secret and now tell anyone who will listen, post it on facebook and write on your blog about it. That is the feeling I was going through. But after all this the relief I felt, the emotion off my back and rewarding. I quickly found out one thing, the moment you share something people will share back with you.

So this is my dilemma now. Now that I am comfortable with my blog, comfortable with the amount I am sharing where do I step out of my comfort zone again? Now I do not mean like dropping off the face of the earth and going to serve in Africa. But where do I step out again! I am still working on my problems, working on internal development and working on my relationship with God. But where do I leave my comfort zone again?

I know I talk about this alot but this is something that I use to stay in my comfort zone. I FEEL COMFORTABLE IN A RELATIONSHIP. That is me may not be you but that is me, I enjoy and feel really really really comfortable in a relationship. For the majority of my life especially at TWU I have sat in this comfort zone of being in a relationship, or having a crush or having someone to hang out with intimately. This has actually gotten me into a lot of trouble sitting in this comfort zone, rather than pushing myself and stepping out of my comfort zone I stayed in there. This has caused me to do some stupid stuff to try and stay in the comfort zone. I am trying to not date anyone this semester and I have done alright but I am still no where near where I need to be. But again I am slipped up a fair amount because I like my comfort zone I like being in a relationship and intimacy. I will continue to work on this and I will be staying away from dating anyone until I have become that man I want my wife to be attracted too.

These are just a few things from my life where you can begin to see that sitting still or being in your comfort zone can cause you problems. This is my concern for me and for you is sitting still and not moving forward. Yes there are area's in my life that are no in a comfort zone where I have stepped out in faith that I will grow and that things will go well. But there are also area's I am starting to becoming really comfortable in. This blog is one of those I am comfortable with this but it does not mean that I am going to stop because stuff still gets my out of my comfort zone where I am pushed to share more and accept what has gone on. This blog was just a reflect for me and hopefully a reflection for you too.... are you sitting in a comfort zone right now? what needs to change so that you are not just comfortable?

Goodbye for now,
Christian Sawka

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