Friday, February 18, 2011

Listening to your Mom

Hey Guys,

There is something your mom hopefully will always tell you which is this 'Do what makes you happy'. That happens to be one of the most difficult things that we will ever have to come to terms with. Actually doing what makes us happy and not just doing what seems economical, makes 'sense' or will give us a financially sound future. Currently I am in business and I am not 100% sure if that is really what makes me happy. I enjoy business, I am good at aspects or it but the part I enjoy the most is helping people and helping business do well. Lately what has been on my mind is this.... is this really what makes me happy and what will ultimately what I want to do for the rest of my life?

Now this raises the question will we ever know what we want to do for the rest of our lives? Maybe I am just having a 1/4 life crisis but this has been something that has been on my mind since 2nd year is what am I really called or should I be doing. Now I do not want anyone to bash or say anything that I cannot do things blah blah blah... but these are some of the things I have always been really interested in. Education, History, Psychology, Business and Ministry. All for different reasons. Let me explain these.

Education, I think this is something alot of people deep down inside have an interest for. My mom is a teacher and like most of us we have had some amazing teachers that have impacted our lives. The idea of helping kids learn, grow and understand is an idea that really brings joy to me.

History, as weird as this sounds I LOVE history. I love learning about what the past is like. I strongly believe in the idea that history will repeat itself. I also believe that we do not spend enough time understanding the past so we do not repeat our mistakes

Psychology, This has probably been one of my biggest interests especially of late. When going through depression and all that it was difficult. Now that I am past that I want to learn more and more what actually went on. More then just the issue what was going on in my mind, my body and everything

Business, I am in business right now and here is my selfish one it would be really nice to be rich someday and not have to worry about problems. Can you imagine what that would be like? not having to worry about cash at all :)

Ministry, maybe this is just because I am a church go'er and have been involved in churches before. But this idea of working in ministry has interested me it just seems like somewhere where I could make a difference and help people.

But something I am starting to notice is what actually makes me happy. What makes me happy is when I feel like I am helping someone whether it be one person or two people or more when I believe I am helping someone I am happy. Now I know there are going to be a few people reading this who believe I do not care about people and sadly that is a lie. I do care about, I care about people alot. Something that that is starting to change in my life is this... I cannot care and do not have the time to help or be there for people that do not want to help themselves. I was talking to a good friend tonight about this, is that I want to really help people who want to help themselves. But that rant/blog is for another day. The bottom message is this guys, listen to your mom find out what makes you happy and do it.... there right most of the time maybe this is just another example of it.

Goodbye for now,
Christian Sawka


  1. Just a thought, not entirely sure if Jesus cares about what makes you happy or how easy your life will be. I'm pretty sure it's all about making Him happy.

    And being called to ministry is all apart of fighting for the Kingdom... not really sure if it has anything to do with the fact that you've recently started to attend church regularly because of a New Years Resolution. I'm pretty sure that's just the calling of a Christian... the kind that walked like Jesus did.

  2. That being said though, being a Christian if you are making God happy then, that in itself should bring you joy.

  3. I would have to (strongly) disagree with 'Anonymous'...When choosing an area of study, or a career, you should start with doing what makes you happy, what you enjoy. I believe that an individual's passions, skills, and talents are indicators of where God is going to take you in life. When you are genuinely trying to align yourself with God's will, he gives you the desires of your heart - and He loves to see us happy and content. Obviously, (just as a clarifying note) life won't always make us 'happy', because bad things happen.. that's just the world we live in. But that's another topic for another time.
    Good on you, Christian. Totally, start taking different courses you enjoy.. just to see if it's something you could do as a career one day.

  4. Anoynomous,
    I am actually glad you have brought up this idea, right now the problem is though I am having trouble hearing his voice in the matter. Therefore the process I am taking is this, understanding the gifts God has given me, where could they be utilized and how could I further the kingdom?
    For the record, I have attend Church on a regular basis before and but since coming to TWU it has been difficult. The New Years resolution was more of an active push to get involved in my own church and becoming an active member.

    I will have another post coming up soon which will be my struggle with hearing God’s voice and trying to learn to align with him that I think you will enjoy :)