Saturday, February 19, 2011

Let's Pack Up and Move to California

Hey Guys,

For anyone that does not know I am leaving for California in about an hour after this post and I am driving first. Now this is my first major road trip and should probably be on my mind eh? Well it turns out tonight we met up with a guy named Forest Gibs who is a evangelicalist now at first I was super sceptical because he was speaking into people's lives. He was talking about specific strengths that people had and really blessed us with everything he was saying... I will say it was extremely interesting and at first I was questioning everything he was saying, making sure that he was saying everything according to the bible. Well sure enough he was...

He went around the group talking to everyone and saying what gifts they have and what blessings they could bring. Then it got to my turn and I was extremely scared about what he was going to say. Sure enough he hit it right on the mark as anyone in the room could tell you. He told me I like to show off, I liked to dance (spiritually) and a multitude of other things. Now I would share everything he said but I am still processing it and will have to go back over everything before I am 100% willing to share. Not because there is stuff I do not want people to know but because I want to fully understand what he shared and what he was speaking too. I will say this though, he spoke right at what I needed to hear and gave me some encouragement that really pushed me towards I feel like God is calling me. I know that is extremely general but that is the extent I can share at this point. I will post everything within the next few days once I have gone through it again and understand exactly the words he was saying into my life.

On another note I went home today and talked to my parents. Now this is something my mom does not know yet but today was a tough day I found out that the position I applied for I am on the wait list for and that was difficult. In alot of ways it was more difficult then not winning the election at all. I was completely alright with losing this election but this one was a little more difficult to take. That is alright I am going to stick to what I have been saying. GOD HAS A BIGGER AND BETTER PLAN. He always will and always has. I am still trying to see God's plan but every time it seems one option is shut a better option arises. I know there is a little bit of secrets in my writing today but it because nothing is confirmed on what I might be doing. This vacation is going to be a great time to reflect upon everything that has gone on and figure where God is leading my life.

So yea also I will most likely be doing two posts a day for the next week as I will be road tripping down to Cali. One post will just be about the day with pictures and everything like that... the other will be about what is going through my mind and the reflection aspect that is going on. I thank anyone who is reading this and has been supporting me through my blogging, sharing and overall giving me advice. Lastly I would like to encourage anyone who is reading this to share it with your friends, family or anyone. Also please comment about anything I would love to hear from everyone.

Goodbye for now,

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  1. Enjoy Cali. I wish I would have done a road trip down there during my career at my TWU.