Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mid-Day Break Time (kinda)

Hey Guys,

So right now we have a break in our day and we decided to take some time to write down what God has been doing. I will be doing a full update tonight about everything that has gone down but I just wanted to share about what we saw in Bethel, what we saw in these Christians down here. I come from TWU and we have a solid community but today me and our crew were blown away from the love down here!.... Today at church we were blessed again with the worship session, the speaker and a free CD. I know that sounds generic but it was crazy. BOB JONES came up and started speaking about senses of the spirit which was crazy because just 24 hours earlier Kenny talked to us about our senses.

Rebecca is seeing, Robyn is feeling, Andrea is hearing, Dan is knowledge and Manuel is seeing! We did not know how to take that right away because it is not something we normally talk about but then today Bob Jones just got up there and gave us a prophetic songs about changing from a land mine into a gold mine and that we (the congregation) would be a blessing of giving Golden nuggets to the people around us. So many amazing things then after the services we wanted to get back and just relax you know wind down and sure enough guess what?

We walked into a great community :)

There was a group up from Santa Barbra and were up here taking a vacation a little bit. They are working down there serving God! It sort of summed up the type of community we have been seeing they were cooking a huge meal all together and just worshiping God together!

This is them right before eating then we just all came together for prayer and ate!

Lastly this is the guy who has been hosting us (on the left) he opened up his house to us, gave us a place to stay and also took us around the city. We will be crashing here again tonight and he has been taking us to Bethel. Right now actually he is speaking into Manuel's life talking about what he see's for his life and what God is calling for him. It is pretty crazy I do not think I have seen so many crazy, joyful, happy and on fire people for Jesus in one place. We had an amazing discussion in a Mexican restaurant about the end times today, he talked about how the term Anti-Christ is never mentioned in Revelations. It is only ever mentioned in 1st John and no where else in the bible. Think about that for a second this idea we have about the Anti-Christ is a little bit messed up! Further more we were discussing this idea of mass revival, he mentioned the biggest change in the church was when Luther posted his idea. It was not that his ideas were new or never mentioned but the fact that the printing press allowed his idea's go around the world. Think about the age we live in, do we have the modern day version of the printing press? What are we doing with our version of the print press? We have the Internet which has exploded over this last twenty years but what are we doing with it? Just a few thoughts to think of.... we are back off to Church for the night!

Update you guys later!


  1. What are senses of the spirit exactly? How did each of you figure out which sense was most prominent?

  2. The sense of the spirit are the same as your normal sense. And we are a little unsure exactly what was more prominent that is why we are using discernship.