Thursday, February 17, 2011


Hey Guys,

Today is going to be a short short short post but it basically just talking about the importance of getting consistent rest. This is kinda of something to learn from me. I do not get consistent rest in my life if you have NOT noticed by now. Most of my post are at horrible hours, and my spelling is affected by that. I do not have classes on Monday, Wednesday or Fridays but my Tuesday and Thursday are crazy. So by the time I get to bed on Tuesday  or Thursday I crash. I do not wake up until about noon or one the next day. It throws off my whole day and kinda just is not the best way to keep it. So that it sort of my lesson/story for today. GET TO BED, GET SOME REST! There is a lot of good of having routine, structure in your sleeping schedule. I am extremely tired and fatigued. I have two midterms tomorrow and hopefully they go well. I wish everyone luck who has them tomorrow.

A great teacher once told me this "Just take the zero, it is better for the both of us. You can walk away and I do not have to mark it"


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