Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Bucket List

Hey Guys,

So another question I have been getting a lot lately after this election was this, what are you going to do now? I have been thinking about this a fair amount what em I going to do. Well here is what I am going to do. First I actually applied for Recreation Services during the election, I will want to work in Mars Hill next year and I would love to work in admissions next year. That is the tip of the iceberg though. Those are a few things I would like to do next year but again God has a plan, however that does not mean not applying and waiting. I believe that God plan means we do actually go for interviews and step out there. So here is my bucket list, this is everything I want to do before graduating at TWU.

1. Be in a play
2. Be in 11:07
3. Play in Hootenany
4. Play in Can-am Hockey
5. Start a D-group
6. Work on the SBA
7. Win every form of rec service cup (Volleyball, Basketball and Football Left)
8. Preform at Open-Mic
9. Talk in Chapel
10. Be on every roof
11. Climb to the top of a tree and place a Christian Sawka sign
12. Change Campus

These are a few of the things I want to accomplish I will public this to a new page and start to add to it or strike through them as time goes on right? Most of these are things I want to but it does not mean I am going to be able to do it sadly. These are different then goals, I am a goal setter and believe in setting goals. I do not believe that a bucket list is for everyone because it means fixating yourself in a little bit of a way on trying to accomplish these things. I will not be disappointed if I do not complete these tasks but they would be fun :)

The reason I am creating a bucket list is for this reason I do not want to get fixated upon a certain position or title because like I said a title does not mean you cannot make a difference or be important. Just because I am not going to be TWUSA president does that mean that I cannot impact the campus? Sure the title can open the doors but to stay there is you. This bucket list is my way of showing that although I did not get president there is so many other things I can do now. In alot of ways this is a bless and I look forward to what is going to go down. 

This week as been one of the longest weeks of my life and I cannot wait for it to be over :) in a good way at the end of elections so much stress fell out of my life! I am looking forward to this week  coming up because things are going to go back to normal. I am going to be back to posting everyday and life will be normal. Then I leave for California. 

Lastly when i was going through depression I started this bucket list because I wanted to have a higher motivation to do things. I found myself with no goals, focus or healthy mindset. So I started making a list of everything I wanted to accomplish while at TWU. It is longer and I intend of trying to make it longer every time I hear something cool going on :) I encourage anyone who is reading this that please if you are feeling like you are not involved, or something is not right. Make a bucket list do not just leave thoughts in your mind but let them out, write or sing about them! So if you have the time today... what is your bucket list?

Goodbye for now,
Christian Sawka


  1. You can only play in Can Am if you are a) an American or b) a woman.

  2. I know :) this will make that one interesting then eh?

  3. Scratch one item "find the most shallow blog on the internet" My bucket list is getting smaller everyday