Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Hey Guys,

So first off sorry I have not been posting these last few days is I am just recovering from being sick for about 6 days and my pre-written blogs had run out. Sadly I am also a student which means I cannot be a full time writer, singer or dancer but that is life right? So hopefully no one has thought I was giving up I just needed to recover in my health.

So lets just right back into it! If you have noticed a trend lately it has been talking about being confident and secure in who you are. This one is some what different but still in the same family. This is a topic that I have had to deal with most of my life which is this idea of being notice. So a little bit about me that might shock people is that I was quiet and reserved in everything I did up until about grade 9, then I became loud. Since then I have been outspoken, loud and usually quiet noticeable but not always in a good way. What I mean not in a good way is by being noticed by the loud statements I would make, by being obnoxious all the time and doing stupid things. 

How do I get noticed?
Be boldness but not loud, stick to who you are.

This is the simple question I asked myself and guess what it was another thing that had a semi-complex answer. Ill break down the statement I made, be bold but not loud. Being bold often times get used wrongly. Being bold means standing out it doesn't mean though being loud. Some of the boldest people I know are quiet. What should be the boldest thing about your life should be your actions. That is how you get noticed. Yes talk, yes it doesnt hinder to talk to people but let your actions speak way louder then your words EVER could. That is something I wish I could change was how I gotten to be know at my high school and university. I would have liked my 'positive' actions to be the thing that got me noticed. It seemed in my first year I was so caught up in talking up myself and being an idiot that I got that reputation. 

I guess that is my life lesson, let your actions get you noticed. The people that are often noticed the most are lead by their actions. You can look anytime in history, some of the greatest speakers may be noticed for a bit but not remember. It was the men of action that are noticed and remembered. Take a second to view your own life about the people you admire and notice the most on a regular basis. Are they the people that are loud at always get the attention? or are they the people who on a consistent basis positively impact friendships and their community?

The other quick thing I have to say before getting some sleep is this, stick to who you are. One thing I suffer with is who I am changes a little bit when I get in groups. I am usually good at sticking to who I am as a person when it is one on one. But when I get in groups I get a little uncomfortable. This is something that takes a while to develop and something I am working on. So maybe me talking about this can help you work on it now so you dont have to do it later! Try to be the same person in a group as you are one on one. That is the biggest way to get noticed is consistency in character!

I am tired though and time to sleep!

Goodbye for now,
Christian Sawka


  1. Welp, being confident in who you are will only make the wound bleed more profusely when you get rejected. Metaphorically of course.

  2. Rejection is something we will be face with everyday. Being confident allows you to overcome those rejections.