Friday, March 25, 2011


Hey Guys,

It's Friday, Friday, going to get down on Friday... Just joking that is probably the worst culture thing right now is that video (look up Friday on YouTube if you want to know what I mean). Friday is a major day in the week it seems though. It is the last day in the business week, the last day before the weekend and the first day to relax and have fun! Kinda of. Maybe I am crazy but Friday does not seem like any special for me. It might once I actually get a job and also move on with my life but right now there is no difference between Monday or Friday. Even when I was growing up the way I was raised is that although Saturday was a day off your job it did not mean a day of doing nothing. There were jobs, tasks and work still to be done. Even tomorrow, I probably will wake up earlier then normal because there are tasks to be done. So how come there is such a fixation upon Friday?

Well it is a simple answer actually it is a day the represents a change, getting away from out day to day task and allows us to do what we want. The day represents that we do not have to wake up early the next morning and go to work or school. I just do not see the big deal of it all, like did I miss something growing up that Friday night was this magical night where you are allowed to forget about everything you have to still do? 

Anyone who does not know I am not much of a party go'er. I do not particularly enjoy going out to clubs, drinking or anything along those lines. It just seems that is what Friday and Saturday has become in my age just an excuse to go out because there is nothing going on tomorrow. Maybe I should thank my parents for that because all I can view tomorrow as is a full day to get tasks done. Just a short blog post as I am going to bed early :)

What are you doing with your Friday? What are you going to do tomorrow?

Goodbye for now,
Christian Sawka


  1. I pity the fool, also, Rebecca Black isn't that bad. In fact, I think she has a pretty good voice and her song is quite catchy. Isn't all pop music now days about partying anyways?

  2. Jesus talks about people who love the world. The Bible says mocking is the industry of fools, I can't believe you jumped the world's bandwagon and hate on that poor girl in your blog. Shame. I rock out to that song every friday.

  3. The best part about the comments is that I never commented or said anything about Rebecca Black. It has nothing to do with her, who she is or anything at all. I did not like the video/song Friday.

    Also I listen to Country Music, therefore it is not all about partying :)

  4. I love the video and you said its horrible to that culture so you're hating on me now? Harsh.

  5. I am not hating on you. I actually appriciate all your comments and critisms.

  6. im sure you didnt like the song. But how about the video ;)