Friday, March 18, 2011


Hey Guys,

Today I am tired, physically exhausted. It is the end of the week, there is still a ton to do. Dinners, Lunches, Training Sessions, Papers, Projects and more and more work. Last night we were playing a game called slaughter. Let me explain the idea of this game. It was to get a small ball to a cone. It was that simple. Except guess what, there were anywhere between 5 - 10 guys running at each other, or 5-17 girls. Now the size of this square was 8 feet by 8 feet, yes that was the size of a square. I have the 'privilege' of refereeing the games. It completely sucked, not because it was hard but because I could barely see anything in the mud pit and no matter what call I made people were going to be pissed off. What also sucked was in my court there were just a few injuries but nothing as bad as it seemed to go on, on other courts. Near the end of the game the second final game a girl got thrown down and smash her head on the ground. We quickly stopped the game, turns out it was actually serious so we completely shut down the games after that because of SO many injuries. Well that is not the reason I am tired, but the reason is because we ended up staying around the field till about midnight because a girl was getting treated for a pretty nasty concussion. It was just a tough evening all around because it was an extremely long day and then just staying up watching people get hurt is taxing. Thats a little bit of a rant sorry.

I am also tired of just school right now, this is completely normal. I am just tired of doing classes everyday, tired of doing home, tired of listening to teachers pretending they know what there talking about and tired of writing about made up problems. Something I am wanting to do quickly is get out in the 'real world' I want to make a difference and get some cash in my pocket. But I think that comes at the end of the semester where you just want to be done. Then you get to work for 4 months realize how easy school life is and want to be back. This week made me realize how much I miss first year and how much I am a little bit older now. At the beginning of fort week I was so pumped to see all the dorms going at it, running around being nuts and I wanted to be apart of it. Well by the end of the week I was done with having people so full of energy and just wanted to relax. Not that is bad but I am definitely not the same person I was in my first year I am TIRED of the constant trying to always do something fun and active. I am getting old and boring. Well I wouldn't say that but the things that I use to find so much fun are a little bit different.

That is all I am just tired right now and I am hoping you guys are surviving as well. Maybe take some time off and breath... What I am going to do is get some tea, hang out and relax with friends and just have a good time. Try to recover from the week!

Goodbye for now,
Christian Sawka

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