Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Hey Guys,

I think we have stumbled upon a new type of torture. It is not longer water torture, pain torture, no it is studying. It is making the examples easier then the exam just to make sure you feel confident then go oh crap! I am going to be finishing up my third year of University soon, and this is after 2 years of IB. I hate studying not because I do not want to do well but because what is the point? To get a good grade to do well etc... I know that but I miss those "good ol' days" What do I mean by this?

I miss evaluations based upon the actual student not some test. I HATE testing to this day I freak out when I see multiple choice, or I see a scantron. If you give me a written it just gives me so much joy, the ability to express what you actually know instead of circling an answer. This will be a common discussion about how to test people you will forever see in educations circles and also in circles of life. It is this, how do you test someone? It is really easy to do a scantron, you run it through it marks for you and you are DONE. It is much easier to give someone a 90% on a multiple choice then to read through and grade hundreds peoples answers to questions.

People will say they like written because you can BS and answer but something I am starting to see is this. You have to at least know what you are talking about to make up something. A funny story about this was in psychology class.  I missed a few classes because of being sick and I came to write a quiz with little to no class attendance or studying. Turns out the test was on emotional health and stress, with a focus on depression. Guess how I did? Well it is simple as this for me, it is easier to remember something I have experienced or done. It is difficult for me always to stay focus while study because I know I am going to forget half of this by sunrise and the majority of it by the time the next test comes around.

This has turned into more of a rant but that is life, I am just frustrated with school lately, it is hard to stay focused when you do not see a purpose in it all. I am not saying there is no purpose in school or getting a education but rather not seeing what you are going to do when you graduate is difficult to do the small stuff now.

Goodbye for now,
Christian Sawka


  1. I love studying, but then again, I go to school in America so I actually learn stuff. Return to God and He will show you a path to follow.

  2. I do follow God but you are right probably not enough and need to His path more.