Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Back in the Flow

Hey Guys,

Reading break or spring break is now over, life is back to normal, or "Normal". It has been such an adjustment to come back to school, back to life and back to school. It has been a pretty big change, went from travelling through California, went from spending time on the beach and just having fun. Well now we are getting back to studying, assignments and tests. The problem is right now my 'heart' is not in the school mode. I would much rather be back in California spending time with friends, hanging out with family and just basking in how nice everything is :) BUT it is time to get back to regular life. I am trying to regain my motivation.

For the first day that I got back I wanted to just tell everyone about my trip, I wanted to hang out with all my friends and just enjoy life. Well I quickly realized how fast life catches up with you. First thing that caught up with me was a midterm this morning. Yes that is a true statement my first class back was a midterm but DONT worry my third class was a speech.  So I was kind of stressed about the midterm and push my focus of the speech back. The midterm went alright and then it was time to stress about the speech. Guess what? My first time speaking about my topic was the time I had to present in class. It actually went pretty well I demonstrated to the class how to create an effective powerpoint. Yes I am that boring.

But it kind of was a swift push back into the school system and now I am trying to find a "balance". I am trying to find a balance between church, school, sports, friends and family. It is a difficult balance and for the most of my life I have struggled with this. So I guess this is a mid-semester reflection. I would encourage you guys (anyone who is reading this) that you should take the time to reevaluation what is a priority to you, what you need to do this semester and what your objectives are. Something I am starting to realize is that I need to relax more. Need to breath, smell the fresh air, have a cup of tea and just enjoy life a little bit more. Hopefully over these next weeks I can get back into the rhythm of blogging and there are going to be some up coming changes to my blog :) Hopefully you guys are looking forward to them.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me and has encouraged me it has truly been a bless, there will be an update blog coming up in the next few days. Hopefully it will be something cool I am looking forward to these news changes and I think the biggest shock will actually come to my family (not in a bad way) but in a good way :) Hopefully this break for most of you was relaxing and trying to find motivation is going better then it is for me!

Goodbye for now,
Christian Sawka