Thursday, March 17, 2011

How to accomplish your goals

Hey Guys,

Something I have talked about a TON on this blog has been goals. The reason I am talked about it a lot in this blog is because I believe goals can serious help your life. I have written about my goals in these blogs, Goals and Goals 2. Those are my own goals and why I have made them. What I am going to blog about is basically this, quickly how to make goals, why to make goals and how to accomplish them. I believe those are the three big things when we start talking about goals. 

Here is how I make goals, this has been built into me through my mentor. He has taught my alot and especially taught my alot about goals here we go quickly how to make a goal.

1. Find you values and morals
2. Vision, what you want and dont want
3. Mission, can it be done?
4. Purpose, why your making this goal.

This is how to make a goal quickly I will write later one how to make a solid goal a little bit more but that is the very basic.

5. Make a Goal

At this point you have figured out why you have made a goal and make a goal. Why do we make goals though. The reason we make goals is to keep us sane. Straight up if you do not even have minimal goals in your life you will go insane. Let me explain this, with having goals we have somewhat of a direction. If you have no direction at all in your life you would go insane. Now goals can be as simple as getting to class, driving to school or graduating those are all goals. Some are big some are small but we make goals to get through the day.

Now lastly how do you accomplish your goals well it is REALLY REALLY simple. Here are the very very basic steps:

6. Figure out your knowledge and skills
7. Daily Activities
8. Habits

There it is, it is that simple as my mentor showed me it is a quick 8 step process and your life will be so much simpler. Well let's break them down a little bit. How we accomplish goals first is by figuring out what you are knowledgeable about and what your skills are. If I make a goal to become a musician that sings well I need to understand that I do not have skill in singing therefore I need to gain that skill. Next thing to accomplish your goals is fixing your daily activities so that they match up with what you are trying to accomplish. If I want to get in shape I need to go to the gym each day to make sure to achieve that goal. Lastly is habits, make it a HABIT of accomplishing goals, big or small. If you listed out every one of your goals each day and crossed off each goal as the day went on you would feel like a million dollars. Think quickly the last time you made a to do list and realized you could cross something off, good feel eh? Same thing with writing down every goal it gives you more energy to accomplish the next one.

Accomplishing goals is a great thing and something we all need to do to make it through the day! On a personal note I use to suck at this and I still em not the best but I am getting better. Hopefully I will be able to get this perfected one day!

Goodbye for now,
Christian Sawka

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