Monday, March 14, 2011

Do You Like Me?

Hey Guys,

This is an interesting topic, I am not specifically asking do you like me, but rather being like by the general populous. When I was going through my RA training we took these tests called Strengths Quest. This test was to try and find what our strengths were, guess what one of mine was? Woo'er! Yes a Woo'er what that basically means is this, someone who likes to be like, a charmer. So this has always been something I have struggled with, which is what do I need to do to get people to like me? Especially when I was going through my depression it was the worst, I was always fearful people would stop liking me or something like that if they knew what I was going through. If they KNEW what I was actually like they would not like me. If I was MYSELF they would not want to get to know me anymore. Well what I am quickly realizing is this... it is something I am always going to have to deal with. Now I am not perfect and I know there are people that straight up do not like me, either because of stuff I have done, they way I have acted or the way I act. I am learning to be alright with that but that comes in time. 

So the question I asked was this:
What do I need to do to have people like me?
Be yourself and people will respect that and like you for you.

Another simple simple simple answer to a very complex question. Shockingly this goes hand in hand with how to get a girl to like you. Who would have guessed right? I had a boss once that told me this "Selling is the same as picking up girls, if you are good at selling you should be good at picking up girls". Well I do not entirely agree with that, there is some truth with in it. Selling, Picking up girls and having people like you all boils down to one thing. Liking who you, yourself is. (Woops I think I just shared something personal but that is for a different blog). Something I believe we struggle with a lot today and now which is never feeling like we are good enough.  Now I am not going to pretend that I always feel like I am great person, some days I feel like I am not good enough, or not adequate enough or not capable. But there is one thing I can tell you which, is something I had to learn a long time ago which is be confident in who you are. Regardless of strengths and weakness be confident that you are trying to improve who you are. People will always like the person who is trying to help themselves be better, then the person who never will. Maybe that is the key to getting people to like you, it trying to better yourself.

This doesn't mean just focusing on yourself, and just trying to improve yourself. This means trying to improve on your weakness which could be a load of things. For me I know some of my weakness is that I am arrogant, sometimes forget to be grateful, forget about other people when making decisions and get lonely pretty quickly. These have gotten me into a lot of trouble in my years in high school and in my years here at Trinity Western University. But life goes on, I am trying to work on these but as I am starting to learn it takes times. Back to the point though how do you need to do to get people to like you? Be confident in who you are, be confident in the unique and original character you are, remember the people around you and always try to work on your weakness. I cannot guarantee this will make people like you but it is a step right? It is hard to respect/like someone who does not respect and like themselves. Or maybe that is just me.

Goodbye for now,
Christian Sawka


  1. You are arrogant and needy, its rather ironic you try to give advice you don't know how to follow. Its like the proverbial blind leading the blind in proverbs. I am disappointed in you.

  2. Hmm, that is an interesting take on all this. I write on things that I struggle with. I do not pretend to have the answers to all questions. I am a little arrogant and we are all some what needy right? This is just something I am working through and thought I would share.