Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Hey Guys,

Today was an interesting day simply because it is a full day of classes and I had a fair amount of homework due. The main focus of my day today was to deliver a 10 minute speech in class. But what I am going to talk about is I had a interesting discussion in my stats class where we were talking about plagiarism and the effects that it could have. I myself maybe do not look at the magnitude of 'cheating' my teacher. We had this example and maybe I am under reacting but she said that if a person would cheat on a test would also steal when they get older, then they would steal from their company, then they would be fraudulent and so on. I was thinking there for a second and that just did not make sense to me. Do you really think that if someone cheated on a small assignment today that in the future they would be fraudulent?

As the discussion went on my teacher asked about this guys situation whether his cheating was situational or just his character. The situation was this, he was rush, stressed and did not want to do the assignment. So he choose to copy it from a website and hand it in as his own work. It was extremely interesting to see what other people view this as. It was a simple black and white answer for me that this was a flaw in his character. It seem though people did not agree with me. They were saying it was situational that it was because of his circumstance that he cheated that he would not have done it otherwise. That just did not make sense to me because of what I have been taught. My mom has always taught me since the day I was born that a persons true character will come out when they are pushed, stressed and forced to make a decision. So I was in shock during the class that people would say that it was only situational. Still now that does not even make sense to me that you can justify something by the circumstances. I stand by exactly what my mom told me is that my true character will be shown when I am pushed to my extremes. 

The reason this made me think is because it is extremely easy to be a nice person when everything is peachy. When the day is good it is easy to be happy and nice to people. But it is when you are pushed, stressed, and feel like you are running out of options you will find out who you are. I was talking with a few guys friend of mind this week and we just found that everything was a little off, little more grumpy, little easier annoy and a little bit more of a jerk. But that did not stop us from still being there and talk to each other or causing our WHOLE character to break down. But that is because it is not part of our character to just break down and resort to bad habits when times get tough. That is why I believe in this example it was a character that cheating was an option. That doing that was an option. You will truly start to know someone when they get pushed to a wall. I am no where near perfect and never will be but usually when things start getting tough I stick true to my morals and values. We will see though I am still young and as my dad always tells me I do not even know what stress is yet!

Goodbye for now,
Christian Sawka

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