Thursday, March 10, 2011


Hey Guys,

Something I am struggling with right now and trying to figure out is my calling for my life. You know those people you just seem to hate. Those people who seem to have their whole life together, know exactly what they want to do and have everything together? I use to be one of those people, since I was in grade 4 I could remember that I wanted to be in business, I wanted to be like those guys off wall street, I wanted to be like my Dad. To prove my point I will say this, that for Halloween in grade 4 I dressed up like a business man because that is what I wanted to be. Even through my entire time at high school I could not wait to get to university to study business because that is all I wanted to do. I believe that is what I was called to, that is what I enjoyed and that is what I am passionate about.

Things change though, I am sitting here now in my third, almost fourth year of schooling wishing I would have either gone into education, psychology or history. Though,  do we actually ever know what is going to be our calling for the rest of our life? I was listening to someone today who said this, we will find something that we love to do for 10 - 15 years and then we are going to need change. Whether it would be a change in our career, a change in our environment and a change in something small we need change. I wonder if this is my time in my life for change?

I have a fair amount of things I do on a regular basis, whether it be at subway or as big as my major there are things I do on a regular basis. For subway on a random note: I get Italian Herb and Cheese, Footlong, Cold Cut Combo, White Cheese, Toasted, Light Lettuce, Cucumbers, Southwest Sauce, and Salt/Pepper. I know that is not important in anyway but it gets my point along maybe I need some change in my life. On a deeper point I have lost my focus/calling in my life. However I am at peace with that because I think I have spent too much time just doing what I was good at but now what I loved.

It is really simple, I know I have mentioned this before BUT the best thing you can do in life is do what you love, the rest will follow. My business mentor told me this, your mom was right, do what makes you happy. SO BASIC right? Sometimes the biggest things in our life are the simplest. Look at this:

What do you want to do with your life?
What ever makes you happy, you are passionate about and what you love to do.

How do you deal with problems/conflicts?
Deal with it right away, seek conversation and resolve quickly.

How do I get that girl?
Tell her how you feel and ask her out.

What do I need to do to have people like me?
Be yourself and people will respect that and like you for you.

How do I get noticed?
Be boldness but not loud, stick to who you are.

What do I need to do to accomplish my goals?
Hard work and support.

These are some of the hardest questions I have ever faced in my life. Yet they have the simplest answers of all time. If only it was that simple to get through it though. Next week starting today through Tuesday, I am going to go into these topics one by one and write about them. Well lets look at this first one, what do you want to do in your life? I do not know what I want to do. I do not claim to be able to tell you what you want to do but I can tell you how I am figuring out it and what you can do too. So here is my advice, ask the people closest to you. Something I have started to see in my own life is that it is the people closest to me who know what I should do. The reason is because the see you everyday, they see your strengths, your weakness and your passions. Who else would know you better? Minus maybe a wife but until that day we get married the people that will know you the best our your friends. Next ask your parents or mentor, they will know you just as well and will probably be look at your life in a more logical aspect. For example they will think of stuff I might over look, finance, supporting a family and surviving in general. 

Another way you can try to figure out what you want to do is list your priorities. Figuring out what is the most important priority in your life and find a job/career that is going to fit around that. For me I figuring out what is the most impactful and important things in my life. I want to have a family, I want to be involved in a church, I want to do mentorship, I want to serve in the community and I want to have enjoyment in my life. There is more to that list but that is a foundation, it eliminates a few jobs from my choices. Try doing something like this, list everything you want to accomplish, places you want to travel, things you want in life and other life goals. If you do that, you will quickly find out what jobs/career path fit down that.

These are strategies I have taken, maybe they will work for you too! I am trying to figure out what my calling is but first I have to figure out what is a priority for me right? That will be the first step figure out what is important for you and your career will fit that!

Goodbye for now,
Christian Sawka

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  1. It took Moses 40 years to do what he was actually called to do, lead the people out of Egypt. In your quest for answers to "what do I want to do" be happy? realize that you may be equipped in the natural with your schooling but the greater call is to take whatever you think you know to the Cross. Being equipped for the KIngdom which I know is your heart requires things learnt by the Spirit. I vote getting involved after your completed education with a ministry that gets you in the trenches so more of HIm , less of you rises to the top. We are all to much full of ourselves and think of our greatness. But to be great and do great things is what we do In Christ. You won't know that unless you get some experience. Keep the faith young man.