Sunday, April 17, 2011


Hey Guys,

There is no controversial topic today, no crazy life story or anything like that. Today is about the appreciation of life, of the small things and the things we take for granted. 

The reason this was in my head was at around twelve I felt like going for a walk, needed time to slow down from the day. The moment I walked outside it felt like everything slowed down for once in a long time. I took in a deep breathe of fresh, clean, crisp air and started to feel relaxed. After walk for about a minute I got to the main part of TWU's campus which is the cherry blossoms. I stopped for about ten minutes and just took in the beauty of the fully blossomed trees. 

It made me think how we tend to forget to appreciate those things in life. For me tonight it was just the appreciation of some peace and quiet, some fresh air and nature. As it is now Sunday (which means I like to do some self-reflection) I thought to myself do I appreciate everything I have? Well the simple answer is no.

First is this appreciation of life, if anyone has been following my blog for a while knows I struggled with depression and suicide. After coming out of that I have had a new found appreciation for life. But even now I still from time to time forget to remember everything I am blessed with on a regular day to day life. I look back and see how much I took my life for granted. 

Second is the small things in life. These are the things that we tend to over look. I especially overlook a lot of the blessing in my life. Tonight it was the smallest thing that I appreciated which was simply the air, a clear night sky and the cherry blossoms. 

Third is the aspects we forget to be appreciative of. My parents will be the first to admit that I am not always the most appreciative. It is because I forget. I think that tends to happen in our culture a lot which is forgetting to be appreciative of the things we are blessed with. We often fixate on the negative and forget to appreciate everything we are blessed with.

That was just a little bit about what was on my mind today which was appreciate all the things we have on a regular occasion. Especially friends, family and our surroundings. There is always something positive to appreciate. I think. 

Goodbye for now,
Christian Sawka

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  1. Christian I'm sorry I kept you up Saturday night, you must have felt like I didn't appreciate you - I do! I really do and I'm sorry!