Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Hey Guys,

A friend of mine today said this and it got me thinking, "Knowledge is power". This definitely made me think for a second what does that actually mean, knowledge is power. A few quick things ran through my mind which was school, life and experience. There are a few ways you can gain knowledge I am finding it is either though learning or experiencing. I am in school and we are taught everyday and we gain knowledge on business, english, politics and everything in between. In like we learn and gain knowledge through experience. We do not necessarily have to experience it ourselves to gain the knowledge of something. True, we will never know something for sure unless we experience it ourselves. But think for a second, if I tell you stealing is bad do you have to try it yourself? I know the is extreme but that is an example of when knowledge from someone elses experience can be transferred. So what does it actually mean knowledge is power?

I am taught every day knowledge, sometimes I think some teachers teach me more then others but none the less I am given knowledge each day. But what is the power in that? It took me a while to start to realize this but the knowledge we gain here today will help us in the future whether in be in our major or just the simple fact or gaining the experience on how to learn. Learning how to learn will be knowledge we will use for the rest of our lives. Something that we are told is that the knowledge we gain in school will separate us from the rest of the working force. That the little degree saying we gain the knowledge in this aspect separates us. You know the great thing about knowledge is that once you have gained it, it takes a while to lose it. You are probably thinking, what about those classes I took that I cannot remember. Well I guess you never gain that knowledge!

The next thing is sort of my main topic is gaining knowledge about yourself and your struggles. For me where I am gaining the most knowledge right now is to start to understand my downfalls and weaknesses. That is something we tend to over look a lot is trying to figure out and gain knowledge about ourselves. When we were talking about knowledge is power is was in the context in struggles. For me something I wish I would have done a lot more was read about depression, read about what was going on and gain knowledge how what steps to take. In retrospect it is a lot easier to think, here is the fix to depression is step to step process:

1) Talk to your close friends and family
2) Get professional help
3) Read about everything and understand
4) Continue 1-3 until better

If it was only that easy at the time right? During something we always forget to read about what we are going through and to gain knowledge as to what our downfall is. What I am learning is that the power of getting better is in the knowledge of understanding what is wrong. You can never get better without understanding what went wrong. 

Knowledge is power, I stand by that. In everyday life you will see that too. The person who gets ahead, the person who wins the argument, and the person who seems happy about life is that person who has knowledge. Whether it be as simple as knowledge in a school subject or as deep as knowledge in ones self and their down fall. Knowledge will give you power over these.

Goodbye for now,
Christian Sawka

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