Sunday, April 3, 2011


Hey Guys,

Something that has been on my brain alot has been MONEY. Now I know for a lot of people reading this that is probably no surprise that money would be on my mind because it is starting to come to that time. That time where summer jobs are coming up, where we have to look at our bank account and go OH CRAP and start thinking about a future. I have had this fixation with trying to figure out how to get rich. It is not even to get rich so I can buy stuff, or so that I can have that new item. It is rich so I can feel comfortable. But is this now where it starts? I have heard and read so many times people talk about money and every time it is the same thing with deal with money and comfort. JUST A LITTLE BIT MORE and I will feel better and more comfortable. JUST and extra ten, twenty, hundred, thousand, million?  What I need to understand that I am struggling with right now is being comfortable with what I have and living within those parameters. I sometimes live beyond my means, try to be that person who always has money. It is a fun life style to always feel like the rich guy in the crowd that can afford anything. Maybe that is where my fixation is coming in.

I enjoy buying things and it is not computers, or TV, or cars or anything like that but I love to buy food, go out for a meal, take some friends out and do that sort of stuff. I am a long term dreamer, I dream and focus on the future instead of looking at today. But there is one thing I do not dream to live in this HUGE home, or the FASTEST car or the most 'toys' as my parents all them. I dream of helping people, or creating a place to help people. I am not perfect though and I would be lying if I did no dream of having a few nice things but ultimately it sucks being broke. Now I mean I am broke, I cost more then I make, I spend more then I have. I still rely on my parents for support and that is tough. Hence I am broke. 

My thoughts have been scattered in this blog but I will leave with this. Money is what makes this world run. Everything we know for the most part can be broken down for simple power and money and wanting more of them. Money can be a great thing for change and can also corrupt like non-other. Something my dad always tells me is this "hard work" all things in life is hard work which I am starting to find. Same thing with money, sure you can slack off and get by but to get those dreams or your goals it is going to be hard work. I am twenty and I am slowly learning what hard work even means!

Goodbye for now,
Christian Sawka

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  1. Nice post! You are right Christian, it is hard for us to be comfortable or contented of what we have. I am still trying to learn that too.