Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Hey Guys,

Something that was brought up and something that has always been on my mind has been this idea of reputation. I am still thinking through everything right now and will be trying to understand a few key aspects of what a reputation means. Over these next few days I am just going to be thinking and look at what makes up a reputation, what a reputation means for you and how can you change a reputation. These are pretty big things especially for the age group in which I live in. We tend to spend so much time thinking about how we are thought about from other people. It is something in a lot of ways plagues our society. Think for a second about some of the actions we do, does the fear of what people are going to think change those? I am not saying that being concern about what other people are going to think is always a horrible thing but when it stops you from doing the right thing it is something wrong. The reason I have been thinking about this more and more is that we have been studying social psychology in my psychology class. It brought up some very interesting ideas regarding how people change their thinking depending on what the people around them are thinking. Whether we like it or not we do get molded around what other people think. I guess the question I am going to be figuring out or trying to make sense of these next few days is does our reputation mold us or do we mold our reputation?

I am also not saying every reputation does not hold merit because as I am well aware they are not based on nothing. Usually they are over exaggerated and embellished to the point that the original conclusion is no longer the truth believed. I had a teacher back in grade 8 that always told me that it only takes one event to create a reputation for you, and it will take you 4 years to change the reputation. I am kind of hoping she is not right but I am starting to think she is. Something that I have experienced is how a reputation can affect you. I am not saying mine is unjustified but I am wishing it was not so hard to change.

Hopefully you will follow this little series and that you will comment and think about the reputations you give other and what that means.

Goodbye for now,
Christian Sawka

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