Thursday, April 28, 2011

Your Story

Hey Guys,

Something I have gotten often is people commenting on that I blog because that is just who I am. That is kind of true for the majority of my life I have always been the one to share what has gone on my life. Especially once I have gone through something like depression, failure or feel inadequate.  I wanted to share it. However this is not the case for everyone, not everyone wants to share or feel comfortable sharing about there life. That is the thing I am starting to realize. It is this, we all have a story, we all have something to share but you do not have too. Certain people are meant to share to the world, some people are meant to share to one person and that is there comfort reason and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that by any means. I think that is something we do in our culture and something that I do personally which is glorify the person who shares more than the person who keeps their personal life to themselves. It is sometime hard to realize for me that why would people not want to share? Often I am called blunt or straight forward because I will ask some of the most directed questions ever. That is because I share therefore everyone should share right? Wrong, not everyone feels comfortable with sharing.

To my point which is this, everyone has a story. Everyone has gone through something in there life that is a 'touchy' subject. Even for me there is still parts of my life that I do not like to talk about. Everyone has a part of their life they do not talk about. That is something we and I need to remember everyone still has a story. As we go about our day we see hundreds if not thousands of people and it is easy to group people together. But we should not everyone has a a different story, a different childhood and different experiences. 

I guess that is what I have to share and what I am learning is never underestimate someone and what they have to share with you. I am learning alot everyday from different people in my life because they all have something to share. Take the time tomorrow or the next day to find out about someone and what they have to share with you!

Goodbye for now,
Christian Sawka

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