Monday, January 3, 2011

Fixing verse Moving on.

Was talking to a friend today and he brought up this interesting of fixing the damage I have done in the past before moving on to 'newer and better things'. In my life since high school you could say I have caused a little bit of damage on the way through. It has something that has always weighed me down. We all go through life and sometimes people get hurt along the way but is that always acceptable? Yes there is going to be break ups, fights and quarrels but does that mean that we are suppose to just say oh well time to move on. Is it really my responsibilty to go back and fix the damage I have done......

I am the furtherest thing away from perfect and I will never claim to ever be perfect (from now on) but how much of this responsibilty for my damage lies on me. Fixing is an interesting thing becasue there are few different types of motives for fixing. The first one is having no motive except to help people for the sake of helping people and being a great person. The second is trying to get something out of someone wether it be a favor, something physical or just attentiong sometimes we all fix people with the intention of getting something from them. I've done it, you've done it, it is sad but very true. The third is probably the worst kind which is helping fix people to make yourself look better. This is the worst one simply because your not only using the other person but your lying to the people around you about who you are. I personally have more respect for the person who is willing to admit they used a person then a person who is unture about their character. For me it kind of goes like this I would trust the murder who said he murdered another person more then the person who says he has never made a mistake in his life. Those are extremes but I think you can get my overall point behing everything.

Well because this is a blog I get to write about myself and alot of my own ideas. This is where I am also going to struggle and try to figure out what I should be doing in my life. So this is the first of hopefully many discussions as to what I should be doing in my life. So this first one is wether or not I should go back and fix the damage I've done or leave it. And if I am going to fix it where em I going to start? Personally I am feeling more and more convicted to fix the damage I have done. Now this does not mean going back and saying sorry to everyone I've been mean to or every driver I've cut off but it means starting at the big damage and making my way back. A great man once told me each day Eat Your Frog. That is the way I am going to deal with this eating my frog first and then working on the easy stuff. The story goes like this...

If each day you have to wake up and eat a live frog every morning before you started your day, your day would be better. This would be becasue you would know that you had accomplish the worst thing and the beginning of the day and the rest of the time would be easier. Now this doesnt mean that you poke at the frog and take 3 hours to eat it, it means waking up right away eating the whole thing in one go and then moving on.

I guess if you are someone I have hurt then I think it is time to fix some damage starting with the biggest frog first and working my way backwards.

The last thing I wanted to talk about was how this deals with depression as this is not the first time I have attempt to fix things. Depression usually comes in a few different ways mine happened to be partly due to stress related and when things started to go unchecked. Over time ill go into way more detail about these kind of things but for now. If anyone is going through depression or just plain old having a crappy day figure out why. If it has something to do with hurting someone then Eat the Frog.

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