Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Purpose of "Goals"

As I posted in another page of this blog I have set goals that I want to accomplish for 2011. Here they are in case you did not see them.

Part 1
Run for TWUSA president
Run a profitable business
GPA of 3.6 for second semester
Run this Blog
Pay my tuition
Part 2
Not date for 2nd semester
Work on family relationship*
Make a difference in at least one persons life
Stay accountable/transparent
Active member in church

I am going to go through each goal and sort of explain what they actually mean. Yes these goals are 'Smart' goals, they are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely (kinda). There are a few that are not smart goals but most of them are, they have something I can achieve. I had a great talk with my councillor today just about what do the goals actually mean. These goals although seem large are refined goals of something much larger and something almost unachievable.

Run for TWUSA president, this is a goal I made not because I have this overwhelming urge to put something on my resume or to get a title or something like that but its is because the first goal I made was. Make a difference at TWU, this was my goal because I love TWU, I love being here everyday and want to make an active difference to better this campus. So over the Christmas break I sat down and thought this out, how can I make the biggest difference for TWU. That is why I came up with this goal and this is why it says run and not win. Because it is not about having to win for me it is about not having regrets, not saying month down the road I SHOULD have run, I SHOULD have at least tried. I am not going to do that again. So I refined the goal down from making a difference too and actual goal of how I can make a difference.

Run a profitable business, if you have read my blog before you can already see I had trouble this summer with my College Pro Business. I did a pretty horrible job and overall did no where near the unrealistic goals I had set. Goals have always been something I set but I always seemed to set them unrealistically high. I would set goals I know I could accomplish but just to aim high. Well the thing about goals is that if you miss them it still sucks to miss them. This goal started as this gaining back my confidence in business. When you fail at something and feel like you have let someone down you lose the confidence you once had in it. So I thought to myself what would be the single best way to regain my confidence. Well go back to where I failed and accomplish a goal. Which is to regain the confidence I once had in myself.

GPA of 3.6 for Second Semester, this goal as simple as it sounds simply get a certain GPA has something behind it. Often I have been told that I under achieve and you know what they may actually be right! This is another goal where I want to actually prove to myself that 1. I can accomplish a GPA goal finally and 2. I prove to myself and the people who has told my I slack of that I have been (this is a weird one). This is not a goal to prove to someone but to prove to myself that we do not need to be just in molds we can achieve higher or more by simply pushing ourselves.

Pay my Tuition, As many people night know I attending Trinity Western University which is an amazing university but it also has amazingly high tuition payments and it has always been a goal of mine to pay my tuition. As the years have been progressing every year I seem to pay just a little bit more each time and hopefully for my last year I will be able to pay it all. This 'goal' comes from me wanting to take more responsibility and this does not mean being in charge but to take more responsibility for my life. Paying my bills, becoming financially independent, and becoming as a whole person independent. This one is going to take a while, I am still broke.

Run this Blog, this blog was a goal of mine and the last one I will talk about in this part. First off I would like to thank everyone who reads this, who comments, who messages me, emails me, talks to me or uses smoke signals :) it has been a true encouragement. The reason I wanted to create this blog and to write for anyone to read was because I wanted to be more open. Anyone who knows me knows I am pretty open but I wanted to push myself to be more open, to never to get to that point where I feel like there is NO one that cares, no one that knows what is going on and no one that knows about me.

If you have made it this far sorry that post was so long but that point I am trying to get across is that if you are making goals, resolutions or objectives for 2011 or this month or week. Make them realistic, make them something you can really achieve and think through them. Look at my goals in this post

Run for TWUSA President = Make a Difference at TWU
Run a Profitable Business = Regain Confidence
GPA of 3.6 for Second Semester = Prove to Myself
Pay my Tuition = Take Responsibility
Run this Blog = Be Open

Goodbye for now,
Christian Sawka

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