Saturday, January 22, 2011

Gossiping or Talking

It is and interesting and peculiar idea. What is the difference between gossiping and talking at what point do you cross that point. When you talk with people you always have to be mindful of exactly you are saying and to the audience your talking to. I go to a school who has an extremely small community everyone knows everyone. There is a joke that goes around TWU that the fastest way to get information around the school is telling your neighbor. People talk or do people gossip?

I am probably one of the worst for this and something I want to try and improve this. It is and interesting idea what is the difference between talking and gossiping. The thing I am starting to find out is that I absolutely love hearing everything and gaining information. The difference in my mind is this gossiping is when you are trying to bring someone down and talking is when you are trying to understand. Gossip is often used as a negative word and it is a negative thing! Gossip is something especially in small communities that is always around but as and individual I need to watch what I say and do. We can only control what we as people do we need to remember to talk to understand instead of gossip and bring people down. It is something I struggle with but the bigger thing I am learning is that only I can control me and that is the only thing I can do. So just think to yourself what do you spend more time doing talking or gossiping? Do you bring people down or try to understand the situation? I am guilty of gossiping and such but I can only watch my actions. 

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Christian Sawka

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